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Our Attorneys

Daryl Brautigam

Daryl Brautigam is an excellent trial attorney, who has tried more than 50 cases to a verdict in criminal, civil, and personal injury cases. He has negotiated multiple six and seven figure settlements on behalf of injured clients, and has extensive trial experience. He is a 1981 Graduate of Cornell Law School, a 1977 Graduate of Houghton College, and enjoys running marathons, biking hundreds of miles, and cross country skiing in his spare time. 

Andrew Brautigam

Andrew Brautigam is an experienced criminal defense and civil litigation attorney, who has represented clients in State and Federal Court. He has successfully handled cases on the entire spectrum of criminal law - from Speeding Tickets to Federal RICO indictments. He has tried several cases to verdict. He is a 2011 Graduate of the West Virginia University College of Law, and a 2005 Graduate of Houghton College. He has three active children, a wonderful wife, and can be found passionately coaching his kid's soccer teams, running, or riding a bicycle in his spare time.

Sharon Brautigam

Sharon Brautigam is not accepting new clients at this time, but maintains a managing role in the firm. She is a 1982 graduate of Cornell Law School and a 1978 Graduate of Houghton College. She is a fantastically experienced transactional attorney, and also serves on the board of directors of Lake Shore Savings and Loan.